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  1. Semantically-Aware Constrained Decoding for Code Generation

    A speculative post on using semantically-aware constrained decoding for code generation.

  2. Microsoft's AICI

    AICI uses WebAssembly to constrain and direct the output of Large Language Models in real time.

  3. My OpenAI DevDay 2023 Wishlist

    Things I'd like to see OpenAI announce at DevDay 2023.

  4. Bringing Language Models Closer to the Editor Through Modal Editing

    A blog post showcasing QQ on, my proposal for a new editing modality that allows the user to make quick consults with a language model within the editor.

  5. Projection

    A short poem, written in code, reflecting on projection. Beware of A ∝ B

  6. Large Language Models

    A brief post on the current state of large language models and the potential of self-hosting them on consumer hardware!

  7. Project UN1

    Talking about my new hobby project UN1. I feel really good about it!

  8. Using :scope Is Pretty Cool

    I recently found out about the :scope pseudo-class. Here's a quick writeup on the things you can do with it!

  9. Publishing to My Blog with

    Testing a new workflow for publishing posts to my site using nothing but a browser.

  10. New Profile Picture

    I finally changed my profile picture. It was time.

  11. Clever Ideas

    Short ramblings about pursuing interesting ideas.

  12. Now with Dynamic Open Graph Images!

    I added dynamically-generated Open Graph images to my posts. Because I can now!

  13. Outlook Desktop Switching to a Web App

    It looks like Microsoft is working to replace native Outlook desktop clients with "web apps". This most likely means they'll be using Electron or something similar.

  14. Twenty Twenty Update

    I moved to San Jose, Claimbot was acquired by Mobile Tech Rx, and I am now a Full Stack Engineer at Airkit.

  15. Lots of Zoom, Little Focus

    Zoom announced a 90-day feature freeze to "address" privacy and security concerns. Probably too little, but maybe not too late.

  16. Apple Acquires Dark Sky Weather App

    Apple acquired Dark Sky, is shutting down the Android app and sunsetting their API. Yikes.

  17. Casual Open Source Contributions

    How to contribute to open source projects when you don't have much free time on your hands.

  18. Welcome to My Blog

    A place for me to share my ideas, thoughts, and projects. Built with Next.js and hosted on Netlify.

  19. A Simpler New Tab Page

    Introducing my latest hobby project, Minimo. An elegant, simplified new tab page for your web browser.

  20. Conversational Graphs

    A theoretical solution for modeling complex conversational flows as directional graphs in JSON.