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New Profile Picture

I've been using the same old profile picture since 2016. I can't even remember when I took it or how, but I remember it coincided with me traveling to Austin to begin working at Claimbot.

Needless to say, I no longer look like myself 5 years ago. I've put on a few pounds and my beard is a mess these days.

I don't take many pictures of myself, at least not many that I would use as my avatar. But I joined a new job last fall with a bunch of people who I haven't met in person so I figured that the honest thing to do would be to change it. You know, to put a face to my name.

I took it with my webcam, because why would I take it with my very good iPhone camera when I can take it with a terrible potato camera instead. It's good enough, though. And it's more honest, I look friendlier (I think), and I'm wearing my favorite hoodie.

I've been using it exclusively as my internal headshot at Airkit since I joined, but I think I'm finally ready to let go of my old one and update every social media profile I have.

Here is to the next 5 years.