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About Me

I'm Kristian Muñiz, a Puerto Rican software developer, designer, and open source enthusiast.

I design and develop software products, mainly in the fields of customer experience, conversational software, and developer experience (e.g. IDEs, language protocols, programming languages).

Today, my main focus is the application of large language models (LLMs) to deliver conversational AI experiences.


I am currently a Software Engineer - Principal Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce. I work in AI, applying LLMs and other modern AI technology for developing Conversational AI and AI agents.

Previously, I was a Senior Staff Engineer at, where I helped build a platform for developing and deploying AI-powered conversational agents using large language models. was acquired by Salesforce in the fall of 2023.

Before that, I was CTO & Co-Founder of Claimbot, a self-service engine for automating customer experience via chat. Claimbot was acquired by Mobile Tech RX in the fall of 2020.


About half of my free time is split between maintaining and (casually) contributing to open source projects on GitHub, making music, and writing (sporadically).

Personal Projects

I work on a lot of projects in my free time, but these two are the ones I'm most proud of:

  • Printloop, an in-browser, REPL-integrated Markdown editor for immediate code prototyping.
  • Minimo, an open-source, simplified new tab page for your web browser.

Contact Me

The most effective way to contact me is via email: [email protected].