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Publishing to My Blog with

I've been looking for a lightweight workflow to post to my site for a while. My process for publishing new posts and making changes to my site is already pretty simple, but GitHub's new web-based editor has dramatically reduced the necessary friction, particularly when publishing new posts.

My blog posts are simple MDX files, so all I really need is a decent text editor with MDX syntax highlighting. Unfortunately, I haven't found many MDX editors out there, so I've had to use VSCode all this time.

But now I can just use VSCode in the browser!!! There's a very nice MDX extension for VSCode, which I can also install on So now I just open my site's GitHub repo page, press . and boom, I'm in VSCode in seconds.

From there, I can just create a new .mdx file, edit it, and commit the changes straight from my browser. Committing my changes immediately triggers a new release. Netlify builds my site, generates a new open graph image for my post, and we're done!

From now on, I'll be publishing blog posts from my browser using Pretty neat.