About Me

Hello! I'm Kristian Muñiz, a software developer, designer, and open source enthusiast from Puerto Rico.


I'm currently CTO & Co-Founder of Claimbot, a purpose-built chatbot platform for insurance (we're hiring!).

Claimbot's logo

I work with JavaScript and Node.js systems in production on a daily basis for both back-end and front-end codebases. I specialize in building scalable, flexible systems for providing highly-configurable conversational experiences.


About half of my free time is split between maintaining and (casually) contributing to open source projects on GitHub, making music, and writing (occasionally).

Contact Me

The most effective way to contact me is via direct message on Twitter @KristianMuniz. Otherwise, you can send me an email to contact@krismuniz.com.

About This Site

This is a place of my own to share my ideas, thoughts, and projects. It was built using Next.js, MDX, and a bunch of other open source modules.